Kendall Brook

Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Candied Sweet & Savory  4 OZ

  • Sweet and succulent with a twist of ginger, garlic and lemon for the perfect recipe of flavors
  • On-the-go delicacy, ideal for a midday snack or indulgent treat
  • Produced from premium Atlantic salmon
  • Smoked with hardwoods and fruitwoods
  • Pre-portioned, skinless

Kendall Brook

The natural beauty of the Kendall Brook flowing into the Ducktrap River is inspiration to create a smoked salmon of unequaled excellence. The craftsmanship of Kendall Brook Salmon is revered by chefs and food lovers across the country. To create these amazing products, our smoke masters sprinkle an aromatic dry spice mix over brined Atlantic salmon. Then it is hot smoked with a unique blend of local Maine maple, oak, cherry and apple woods. The result is a sweet and savory salmon delicacy. Also available in Maple Brown Sugar.

Smoked in Maine

We draw from a mix of native Maine hardwoods and fruitwoods: cherry, apple, oak and maple. Smoking with this unique blend of four woods creates distinctly mild and delicate smoked products.

The Brine

Our unique Ducktrap brine recipe has been perfected over 40 years. The combination of salt, cane sugar and high quality dried spices creates a palate-rich brine that is distinctly Ducktrap.

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