Kendall Brook

Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Traditional  8 OZ

  • Fresh Atlantic salmon that is cold smoked in Maine with fruitwoods and hardwoods.
  • Thinly sliced, skinless
  • Pin bones removed, full belly trimmed
  • Ready-to-eat: convenient everyday meal solution

Kendall Brook

The natural beauty of the Kendall Brook flowing into the Ducktrap River is inspiration to create a smoked salmon of exceptional quality. It begins from fresh Atlantic salmon fillets that are then cold smoked in Maine. The craftsmanship of Kendall Brook Salmon is revered by chefs and food lovers across the country. The fresh fillets are dry brined and slowly cold smoked with a unique recipe blend of maple, oak, cherry and apple woods. A deep trim and a meticulous inspection ensure every package meets our company's high standards.

Smoked in Maine

We draw from a mix of hardwoods and fruitwoods: cherry, apple, oak and maple. Smoking with this unique blend of four woods creates distinctly mild and delicate smoked products.

The Brine

Ducktrap's unique brining process has been perfected over 40 years. We meticulously adjust the brine recipe and timing for each product to ensure that quality and taste consistently meets our high standards.

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