Have Questions? We've Got Answers

1 What products does Ducktrap offer?

We offer a variety of smoked seafood to include Farmed Salmon, Wild Salmon, Mussels, Herring, and Sauces. For all our current products visit our Products page.

2 Where are the products smoked?

All of our seafood is smoked in Belfast, Maine.

3 How long does your product last after opening?

Once opened, store unused portions of our smoked salmon well wrapped in the refrigerator at 34 degrees F or less and eat within 4 days. Consume before the “use by” date on the packaging.

4 How long does an unopened Ducktrap product last?

Unopened, our smoked seafood items can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Be sure to consume our products before the “use by” date on the packaging.

5 Where can I find and buy Ducktrap products?

To find our products near you visit our Find Us page

6 Do I need to cook Ducktrap products?

Our cold smoked and hot smoked products are ready to eat. The lightly smoked salmon must be cooked before consumption.

7 How are your products smoked?

To smoke our products, we use our unique blend of local Maine woods – cherry, apple, oak and maple – to create a distinctly mild smoked taste profile.

8 Are Ducktrap products of good quality standards?

Our farmed Atlantic smoked salmon products are BAP certified, and our Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon products are MSC certified. To see all of our certifications visit: https://ducktrap.com/certifications/

9 What items are farm raised?

Atlantic Salmon (Kendall Brook, Spruce Point, Nova Cold Smoked and Smoked Roasted), Rainbow Trout, and Mussels.

10 What items are wild caught?

Sockeye Salmon (Cold Smoked and Smoke Roasted), and Mackerel.

11 Can I freeze your products?

Our smoked seafood items can be frozen, unopened for up to 3 months.