Des Fitzgerald found a spot of land on the Kendall Brook in Lincolnville, Maine, and he built a bungalow for himself and his dog, Caleb. In the beginning, Des wanted to farm trout. In 1978, he built several water runs and raised trout successfully for a few years, selling to the local restaurants and markets. Ducktrap River of Maine, named for the river into which the Kendall Brook flows, was born.

Ducktrap Kendall Brook® Smoked Atlantic Salmon is our signature product. Wrapped in award winning packaging it is revered by chefs and connoisseurs worldwide, Kendall Brook is the gourmet prize of smoked salmon and is a mark of unequaled excellence. Always made from fresh salmon, fully trimmed by hand, individually inspected, and with no brown meat and all fat removed. Available in traditional flavor or accompanied by a generous seasoning of fresh cracked pepper & garlic.