New Skin Pack Space at Ducktrap Facility

Looking to add skin packed seafood to your stores? Our facility is now ready to serve your needs! From Fresh Never Frozen fish to Breaded-Pre Frozen selections and much  more, we can customize a program according to your needs.  The Ducktrap River of Maine will offer Smoked Seafood and also expand to a new category to serve the seafood category.

The Ducktrap River of Maine processing facility will expand its capabilities to skin pack  in Early Q1 2021. The Belfast – Maine Smoked Seafood Company will continue to process its well recognized cold and hot smoked roasted selection.  The addition of a skin pack section in the facility will be fully operational January 11th, 2021.  

“We have seen great success in the pre-pack facilities in Miami, FL ; Dallas, TX; and Vancouver, Canada.  It is a logical step to utilize the space and capacity of our Ducktrap Facility to continue serving our customers” said Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director of Mowi (CP) Consumer Products Division of the Americas.

Ducktrap serves to an extensive customer base in the North East of the United States. The new skin pack operation will help offer a one stop shop of Fresh, Frozen, Smoked and Convenience product to those customers seeking for Mowi’s direct distribution in the North East Market with a customized program. 

In addition, this initiative will allow Mowi Consumer Products Division to process Mowi Canada East’s fish as a value added capability to the business. 

Some strategic partners are coming along with this initiative. Stay Tuned as you will see more in 2021 at Mowi Consumer Products Division of the Americas, Ducktrap River of Maine and all its subsidiaries! If interested in learning about how we can serve your business through Mowi’s Belfast-Maine location, please contact