Cold Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

  • Fresh Atlantic salmon that is cold smoked in Maine with fruitwoods and hardwoods.
  • Seasoned with pepper and garlic-style blend to add a zesty layer of flavor
  • Thinly sliced, skinless
  • Pin bones removed, full belly trimmed
  • Ready-to-eat: convenient everyday meal solution

30 min


– 4oz Ducktrap Kendall Brook Pepper Garlic Cold Smoked Salmon
– 2 lemons
– Handful fresh parsley
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Sal and pepper to your liking
– Capers
– Cream cheese
– 2 orange slices
– Onions


To prepare the dressing, squeeze the two lemons and filter pulp and seeds. To this, add a good amount of olive oil along with the parsley. Proceed to add salt and pepper to your liking keeping in mind the smoked salmon already comes well seasoned. To continue, spread cream cheese all over the plate of your choice. Top cream cheese with 2-3 slices of smoked salmon and carpaccio dressing. Cover the plate with foil or plastic wrap and let marinate 30 minutes minimum before serving. Enjoy!