Other Finfish Species

Wild Whitefish Fillet

Traditional   6.25 OZ

  • Produced from Wild Whitefish Fillets
  • Hot smoked with fruitwoods and hardwoods
  • 1 fillet per package
  • Skin on

Wild Whitefish

Our special smoke-roasted process produces a tender whitefish that is delicious by itself or in any dish where a rich and flavorful taste is desired.

Smoked in Maine

We draw from a mix of native Maine hardwoods and fruitwoods: cherry, apple, oak and maple. Smoking with this unique blend of four woods creates distinctly mild and delicate smoked products.

The Brine

Our unique Ducktrap brine recipe has been perfected over 40 years. The combination of salt, cane sugar and high quality dried spices creates a palate-rich brine that is distinctly Ducktrap.

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