Trout Pate

Smoked  6 OZ

  • Ducktrap Pates are creamy and packed with smoked seafood.​
  • Made with fruitwood and hardwood smoked seafood

Trout Pate

Ducktrap’s Trout Pâté and Salmon Pâté are creamy and flavorful creations are packed with smoked seafood and guaranteed to impress your guests. Easily serve as a dip with fresh veggies or spread on crackers to add an elegant touch to dinner parties.

Smoked in Maine

We draw from a mix of native Maine hardwoods and fruitwoods: cherry, apple, oak and maple. Smoking with this unique blend of four woods creates distinctly mild and delicate smoked products.

The Brine

Our unique Ducktrap brine recipe has been perfected over 40 years. The combination of salt, cane sugar and high quality dried spices creates a palate-rich brine that is distinctly Ducktrap.

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