Welcome to our newly updated website! Browse around to learn about the many fine products that have made Ducktrap River of Maine a famous brand in the smoked seafood industry. Click on the Ducktrap 101 tab to read about the history of our company or to learn about the smoking process and the terminology we use. You will also find useful information such as our Product Description Form and Color Brochure, all in an easy to use .pdf format.

If you love cooking with fine ingredients, you’ll enjoy our new downloadable recipe booklet which is filled with tons of ideas for preparing delicious mouth-watering dishes using Ducktrap smoked seafood. There’s also a link where you can email us your best smoked recipe ideas! We want to hear from you so don’t hesitate to write to let us know your favorite Ducktrap product.

In addition to our website, we’re introducing new packaging too! Keep an eye out for our updated and refreshed award winning package designs at fine foods stores and supermarkets near you.

For over 30 years our goal at Ducktrap River of Maine has been to “WOW our customers with quality, one bite at a time.” We know that when you try our products, you will experience the Ducktrap difference. Enjoy!