Other Items

Along with our salmon and finfish we offer an assortment of smoked shellfish, smoked pates and gourmet sauces.

Ducktrap Smoked Shellfish


Mussels – Our plump and succulent mussels are blanched in their shell to lock in their tangy flavor and then hand-shucked and hot-smoked, making them the very best smoked mussels in the world.

Wild Shrimp – Our sweet and savory cold-water shrimp are cooked immediately after harvesting, followed by lightly smoking over Maine fruitwoods and hardwoods.

Bay Scallops – Our delicate bay scallops are quickly blanched for firmness and then lightly smoked with Maine fruitwoods and hardwoods.

All shellfish are available in 6 oz. retail or 16 oz. food service containers.

Ducktrap Smoked Seafood Pâtés


Our smoked seafood patès are in one word, scrumptious. These smooth and creamy creations can be piped from a pastry bag onto vegetables or crackers to add an elegant touch to dinner parties. We offer our patés in two varieties: Smoked Salmon and Smoked Trout.

Smoked Trout paté is available in 6 oz. retail or 16 oz. food service containers.

Smoked Salmon paté is  available in 6 oz. retail containers.

Ducktrap Gourmet Sauces

The perfect accompaniment to not only our smoked seafood but also any other dish. The Horseradish Sauce has a light, sharp note while the Mustard Dill Sauce offers the savory sweet and sour balance of a classic gravlax sauce.

Available in  8 oz. glass jars or 1 gallon food service containers.