During our most recent expansion, we were not only focusing on increased capacity, but also increased efficiencies and making ourselves more environmentally friendly. Below is a picture of part of our new refrigeration system. Of the expanded 21,000 sqft addition, 90% needed to be refrigerated space. Of that 90% refrigerated space, an additional 40% had to be freezer space. Amazingly, our electricity bill has actually decreased. Reasons for the increased efficiencies lie with swapping from a single large compressor to a rack system with multiple smaller compressors. The new compressors modulate horsepower to our precise demand whereas the single compressor ran constantly. From an environmental standpoint, we have switched refrigerants from ozone-depleting CFC’s to HFC’s (non-ozone depleting). Additional environmental benefits come from cooling half the building with glycol which cuts our need for refrigerant.