KB-4-oz-with-package“I have an unusual diet; smoked salmon has not been a mere treat, but a dietary staple for me insomuch as I eat at least 8 oz. per week of smoked salmon ( or share that much!).
I am not a person of sizeable means, so it is my one extravagance at the store. I must tell you that the flavor and sheer craft of the smoked salmon that you produce is astounding…how do you get smoke to be profound, yet gentle and complimentary? The salmon itself is nothing less than exquisite (anyone who claims that coho, etc…with less collagen is better is an indefensible lunatic).
we are fraught, overwrought, nearly torn asunder by a world of products that remove us from the essential, human, process of transforming our singular observations of naturaly occuring wonders, in this case salmon, into tangible, palpable expressions of our keen senses. In other words; we have lost our ability to discern refuse from the divine.
It is heartening to witness such a pure product that is ignorant of time and has been allowed to simply be what it might be. You are much more stewards of integrity than concoctioners of what is fashionably palatable.
I cannot imagine a better piece of smoked salmon, but I will happily search to dethrone you guys!” J.N., CO

After work…
1 jigger or two of appropriately distilled, smooth and freezer chilled vodka in a chilled shot glass.
2. 1-2 medium capers
3. add capers to 1-2″ piece of Duck Trap salmon, roll…consume and chase with up to one shot of the vodka…imperially good.The best pizza I can make…

1 piece of flatbread, preferably garlic naan…
one clove, on average, finely minced garlic
one whole yellow onion, previously sauteed on Medium until slightly caramelized.
capers to taste
1-2 oz. light, artisinal goat cheese
pinch of ground black pepper and sea salt
hand torn pieces of duck trap smoked salmon
red chile flake
baste naan bread with evoo and spread garlic mixture over it with a bit of pepper and salt.
spread goat cheese pieces over bread with a knife
place, to taste, properly caramelized onions on-top of pizza.
bake 5-7 minutes in a 425 degree oven…watching and adjusting for amount of darkening on edges and unwanted drying of the pizza.
DO NOT EVER expose smoked salmon to direct heat!!! It cooks it; it ruins it. Add enough to ditribute bites (envision what each bite will be like for a guest) between all. The salmon will be subtly heated from beneath…cut and serve.