Ducktrap Today

Ducktrap River of Maine is a leader in the smoked seafood industry. We keep our focus on being an industry leader by maintaining strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, consistency, service, and value.

Our full line of smoked seafood is produced all naturally with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  We continue to smoke in small batches and maintain an exacting Rabbinical standard.

Our Quality Control is not just a department, it’s our entire facility – from the brine room to the shipping dock – over 130 Ducktrap employees make sure that you receive the best possible naturally smoked seafood.

Ducktrap continues to grow while staying true to our roots. The customer base that started with local shops and restaurants in Mid-coast Maine has grown to include a wide variety of seafood wholesalers, food distributors, retail chains, independent stores, restaurants and hotels across the U.S. and Canada.

We are part of Marine Harvest, the world’s largest salmon farming company, enabling us to source a steady supply of the best seafood available. As a smokehouse located  on the rocky coast of Maine, we provide our customers with high quality smoked seafood using a flavorful brine, natural wood smoke and fresh ocean air.

Ducktrap continues the tradition, since 1978, to “WOW our customers with quality, one bite at a time.” We know that when you try our products, you will experience the Ducktrap difference. Enjoy!