Please feel free to email us your impressions of Ducktrap, Here are some comments from our consumers.

“By far best smoked salmon I have ever had, just perfect”

“I just had Ducktrap smoked salmon for the first time over an english muffin with cream cheese. It was absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work out there! Well worth the price”

“I have been eating you products for some time now- Simply the best! Your smoked salmon has no rivals.”

“I just wanted to convey my sincere thanks for your product. I recently purchased your smoked trout from a local wholesaler and it was incredible! Keep up the wonderful work.”

“Your maple glazed smoked trout is delicious. My husband and I decided to try it after a Whole Foods Market employee suggested it. He said he just can’t stop eating it. We definitely understand it after eating it. We bought the last package.”

Fork & Bottle names Ducktrap River of Maine Wild Cold Smoked Salmon Number One
Comments included: nice mouth feel, I like, smokey and sweet, not aggressive nice salt, good texture, very good smokey flavor.

Smoked Mackerel is PHENOMENAL
“Believing in miracles is an understatement! Having tried all other smoked fish products of other brands, they were either so-so or so salty, dry, greasy and overdone that they were almost inedible. and yes, I was ready to go on the warpath and write the store a mean letter for not stocking the “real” stuff.”

“Your Smoked Mackerel is PHENOMENAL! Oh, my God! It’s so delicious that I was shaking with happiness with each morsel popped into my mouth. Forget about storing in fridge for so many days. I ate the whole packet of it in two meals!!! It’s as delectably tasty as the fish my Grandpa used to make. Now I’m a Grandma and am thankful for you folks for bringing true joy into the world with products fit for a queen!!! Thank you!”

“I recently purchased Ducktrap smoked salmon here in New York City at my local health food store. I did not realize it was from Maine until I stopped to research the packing, and didn’t I smile…Your smoked salmon was the best tasting, I so enjoyed. And, so much so, that in my business I am promoting and adding to my website. I smile mostly for I am from Maine, Portland area, lived there most of my life, and what a delight to share a wonderful piece of Maine with New Yorkers. I thank you for your efforts in promoting a product of such high quality. I will search the site more for other options. Thanks for the healthy connection.”

“I love your products. The smoked salmon is BEST.”

“I have been a customer for many years, I just wanted to say keep up the great work you guys are doing! Ducktrap puts out a great product!”

“I never thought I would get genuinely excited about eating a mussel, or tell everyone I know about that excitement, but your smoked mussels are the best smoked seafood I have ever had. Thank you for such a fine product and for all the work that goes into creating it!”

“I’m writing to tell you how much I love your smoked salmon! I tried it a couple days ago, and wow, was I missing out! I’ve tried a ton of different brands of smoked salmon, but yours is clearly the best! The flavor and texture are miles above the rest! It was so good, I ate it right out of the package! I’m sure it’d be good on a bagel in the mornings with a bit of cream cheese as well! Thank you for producing such a high quality product!”

“Just finished another package of the Wild Salmon – best salmon I can get in this area. I have also tried many of the other varieties that you sell but that is the best in my taste.”

“Just wanted to drop a note to say keep up the good work and I am glad I can find good salmon out here in Nebraska!”